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MyBooks Professional

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MyBooks Professional is a true high-end package for a remarkable low price. It is a double-entry, fully audited accounting system that conforms to the standards of GAAP and is modifiable, scalable, and portable.

The ten-user license is installable on Apple Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It may be used by a single user on a standalone machine, or by multiple users in a peer-to-peer Windows environment or in a client/server network configuration that includes a Mac or Linux server with any combination of Mac, Linux, and Windows clients.

You can even migrate your business to traditional world class computing platforms such as SCO Unix, AIX, and Sun Solaris when your business grows, without ever having to re-enter your data or retrain your staff.

QuickBooks users can import their data using the MyBooks Professional Windows trial version and transfer the data to their Linux system.

Interface: Graphical

Note: This program must be purchased, although a trial version may be available.
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