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своими руками

Bubbln for BlackBerry 10

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**Take Pictures, Join Contest, Win Prizes**

Have fun participating in contests - Take pictures, Join contests and Win Prizes.
Bubbln is rich in features that makes photo contests fun :
Social : Upload pictures, update your profile, make new friends and get update on activities of your friends.
Stage : Get real time updates on ongoing contests, own profile and friends' activities. You can unsubscribe from a contest at any time.
Transparency : Contestant's vote count can be accounted for. See who voted for contestants and when. Get real time updates for changes in the rank of contestants you voted. e.g from 4th position to 3rd position.
Comments and Likes : Let your views on contests and entries known through comments and Likes.
Full Contest Features : Disqualifications, voting powers, huddles, prizes etc.
Social Invitations : Invite friends and family on facebook and twitter to vote for you.
Coming Soon : Chat and Video Contest.
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