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Keke Marwa Slice for Android

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Keke Marwa Slice(KMS) pronounced (Keke Maruwa Slice) is a time challenging game, which was inspired by the traffic situation in Nigeria with Marwa/Keke Napep.
This allows the user to select 2 look-alike marwa or traffic icons and take it off board.
The player wins the stage when all icons on board are cleared within 100secs.

Each stage is been reduced by 10secs!!!

So you think you're fast enough to beat traffic with alternate routes?

Try KMS...

1. Time Na Money Background tune
2. Agbero(Bus Conductors) voices
3. Cool keke marwa/Molue/Traffic icons
4. Nice Graphical contents

This game was developed by Akinboye Julius
A Nigerian Developer and the CEO at AppFishers Inc.

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